4 Everyday Ways to Use Ginger

Ginger is known to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and promote circulation. It can help your body to fight off viruses and inhibits certain bacteria. There's no arguing with the health benefits of ginger, but it can be hard to incorporate into your diet. Maybe you only eat ginger once in a while and aren't sure how to cook with it? Or perhaps you've got one favourite recipe that uses ginger but want to expand your repertoire. Keep reading for four everyday ways to use ginger.

Make a Fresh Juice with Ginger 

Looking for an easy, healthy way to eat ginger every day? Making a ginger juice is a great trick. Simply juice up your favourite fruits, then grate some ginger and throw it into your juicer. Apples, carrots, oranges and lemons will all taste great when combined with ginger, and you can have fun experimenting with different recipes. You'll be left with a juice which has a fiery kick, ideal for colder days.

Add Ground Ginger to Pancake Mix 

Love making pancakes for breakfast? Throw a pinch of ground ginger into your batter, and you'll have delicious, gingery pancakes with some extra health benefits. You could add cinnamon for autumn-inspired pancakes, or mix in blueberries for a fun twist on the old classic. Chocolate chips make a great treat and dark chocolate pairs especially well with ginger.

Include Minced Ginger in Soups

It's so easy to buy minced ginger to add to almost any soup you're making, and it adds a lovely warmth and depth of flavour. If you're feeling adventurous, try making ginger one of the main flavours in your dish. If you're looking to add more ginger without changing the flavour too much, just add a pinch at the start of cooking.

Throw Some Ginger Into Stir-Fries

Ginger is widely used in Asian cuisines and tastes amazing in stir-fry. Fry up onion, garlic, chilli and ginger and you'll have a delicious base for any meal. Add lots of veggies for a fresh, vibrant dish, throw in some tofu and add extra chilli for a spicy vegan option, or add chicken for a flavourful classic. Ginger was made to be used in stir-fries — make sure you try it at least once.

If you've heard about the health benefits of ginger or just enjoy its taste but struggle to incorporate it into your weekly meals, try the easy, everyday suggestions above.

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